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About MensAi

MensAi boasts highly proficient engineering teams comprising accomplished professionals from industry leaders such as Alibaba and Tencent. These teams also achieved the prestigious distinction of being crowned global hackathon champions in 2019. Moreover, MensAi's already formidable team has been reinforced by the recent addition of prominent computer science experts, including Rhys Newman and Jeff Tseng from Oxford and Dr. Alex from MIT and Johns Hopkins. 

The MensAi platform utilizes the Xanadu system, which has been adopted by NASA in the United States. Renowned for its remarkable processing speed, the system was developed and implemented by prominent big data specialists, including Professor Rhys Newman and computer scientist Jeff Tseng from Oxford, as well as Dr. Alex from Johns Hopkins. By merging big data machine learning with cutting-edge technology, MensAi is consistently enhanced to provide fast and reliable data storage. 

From 2021 to 2022, MensAi achieved remarkable success by leveraging AI algorithms developed through the analysis of raw data charts of BTC, obtained from major exchanges. Through this approach, MensAi supported users in significantly mitigating risks and attaining stable profits

Furthermore, the P&E team of MensAi holds numerous patents related to the platform's strategy algorithm, which is executed in a way that cannot be imitated by others. 

- Patents related to AI trading comprehensive service

- Patents related to AI smart trading management system

- Patents related to visualization and analysis system for futures trading

- Patents related to quantitative trading technology system

- Patents related to algorithmic trading technology system

- Patents related to mass data trading technology system

- Patents related to AI algorithmic trading technology system

- Patents related to blockchain technology

- Patents related to contract trading


The AI-powered algorithm implemented in MensAi is presently at version 3.0, having successfully undergone practical testing for versions 1.0 and 2.0. Ongoing research for continual functional enhancement is underway. 

Our research team will exert maximum effort to develop and improve new trading functionalities in the future.

​Why MensAi ?

Stability of Your Assets

MensAi does not use the method of entrusting customers' assets to operate like any other system. MensAi performs only trading on behalf of the customer through API linkage to the account under the customer name. Therefore, MensAi do not have access to the customer's assets, and their assets are safely stored in an account under the name of the exchange platform (okx). This means that the customer can stop using Mensai and withdraw all of the customer's assets at their disposal at any time they wish.

Steady Return on Reduced Risk

Risk management always comes first when it comes to MensAi functionality. AI-based algorithms perform automatic transactions at optimal returns based on the big data of corresponding coins over the years. Complete the deal with MensAi coldly, completely excluding traders' emotions, and dramatically reduce risk. Customers can experience the small but growing revenue with their own eyes.

1:1 Performance

MensAi is assigned 1:1 for each account of all users. The assigned AI performs the transaction of my account at a fast transaction speed, and all users have different transaction details and different earnings rate and orders. As a result, like other systems, all users' asking prices are distributed evenly and not in one place, and MensAi's trading system is recognized as a very welcome factor on the exchange platform.

Convenience (one click)

MensAi does not require customers to set up complexity or enter trading conditions. Customers will automatically execute all transactions and repeat liquidation and rerun when revenue is generated by clicking on the desired Budget in the strategy package provided by MensAi. Customers can check their earnings status through MensAi's app.

MensAi How to use



Send Profit

Ai Trading

API Syncronazation

Referral Return

Share Profit


Download and install the MensAi App and sign up.

Please complete step 2 of registering as a member of OKX Exchange and verifying your identity.

USDT equivalent to the value required to execute the Ai strategy that you choose.

Prepare USDT in your personal wallet or on your exchange.

Send USDT to OKX wallet of your own account.

OKX Exchange Configuration Settings and API Synchronization with MensAi App.

Select a strategic package within the MensAi App and start with a one-click.

Please enter your Invitation Code (required)

MensAi Application Download

Download MensAi application in your smartphone and install it to make the use more comfortable
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